Another moving company question involves the insurance terms for the move. You typically can purchase additional insurance to cover the full value of your items if they’re lost or damaged. Be sure you understand what exactly the insurance covers, including if it covers the full replacement value of the item. Ask about hidden costs.

Items should be listed on an inventory that will be given to you by the moving company. You may want to consider. Read the fine print and ask questions before you sign. "All interstate moves and.

Based on that experience, here are the questions you MUST ask the moving companies, and the kinds of answers you should get. You are not looking for just the right answer, but how the question is answered – a caring and meticulous salesperson usually represents a caring and meticulous moving company. 1.

Ask detailed questions about insurance. The moving company will provide insurance at an additional cost. Insurance is usually based on weight, so you will need to assess the value of your goods versus what the insurance policy will provide should your belongings arrive damaged or not at all.

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Questions to Ask Moving Companies | – Broker’s play an important role in helping customers match up with moving companies. Keep in mind, however, that a broker cannot give you a binding estimate and a broker is not responsible for loss or damage.

Asking key questions not only uncovers a wealth of knowledge about the company and helps prepare you for moving day, but a little extra research can save you from a huge hassle in the long run. Here are some surefire questions to ask before hiring a mover:

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What Agents Should Know Before Joining an Insurance Agency Network – Here, I will focus on the questions you should ask to make the best choice and to understand the. How exactly will you have access to insurance companies? Will you have access to preferred,

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 · Learn what questions to ask to ensure a hassle-free moving day success. Most reputable florida moving companies provide the same service at about the same cost, and they only differ in the services they provide.. request free local or interstate moving quotes as per your needs.