Moving Checklist for the Things Your Movers Won’t Pack. When it’s time to pack for a move, there’s a lot to do. You have to buy moving supplies, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. You have to set a packing schedule, throw a packing party and in general make time for sorting through and packing away your belongings.

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Based on an aprox. 1,100 mile move of a 3 bedroom home. The movers will come in, swoop everything up, load it into that massive truck, and then do it all in reverse at the other end for you as you sit back and watch. They might even carry you in on the couch (at least that’s what moving stock art has taught us).

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Clean Sweep Garage Sales. This is a company that literally does it all for you. They organize estate or garage sales and will come to your house to do an inventory, set up and organize the garage sale. They will even bargain with your customers for you to get a good price! And best of all, they will even organize everything.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Packers? – Best Moving Company. – How much does it cost to hire packers? The national average cost to hire packers for local moves is about $60 per hour per packer. Through research and cost-saving techniques, you should manage to hire packers for $35-$40 per hour per packer. When moving long distance, your cross country mover will give you an estimate that will include a flat-rate for packing services.

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Pack up essentials boxes. It’s a good idea to start preparing your boxes of absolute essentials a few days prior to Moving day. Important items such as documents, valuables, prescription medicine, and a number of other life-savers should never leave your side anyway.

top long distance movers ‘A Few Good Movers:’ The top 5 best long distance moving companies we could find. Trusting a company with your long distance move is a big deal and it’s hard to narrow down who to call among all the options out there.

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